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Policy and Objectives

Corporate Quality Policy of Alshehabie Company :

We strive to meet all needs and demands of our customers by offering high quality products. We focus on maximum results, so we carry out projects within the specified time. Our engineers and structural designers make their calculations according to international construction practices and all our products meet not only Syrian but also international standards.

Quality policy in the company aims to raise standards of performance and organization of all activities of the company. We strive to improve the quality of all processes and activities and to use equipment that supports high-quality products. We provide ongoing training for our employees and improve management system effectiveness.

We carefully study and analyze questionnaires filled by you, to find out your views, opinions and suggestions about the products offered on the market.

We produce best products that meet international standards. The company has received ISO 9001: 2008 which is the best proof that we strive for perfection and control every aspect of the company activity and continue to support a high level of quality.

Quality policy in Alshehabie Company enjoys the support of chairman and the entire management. Success in achieving this policy is the responsibility of each employee, that is why the entire staff of the company is informed about this policy. We monitor the work of managers and effectiveness of management strategy by analyzing QP01, as well as conducting regular training QP11 for employees to improve their skills to work efficiently within the company.

Quality Objectives in Alshehabie Company:

1) to fulfil projects exactly at the specified time and in accordance with customer requirements, agreed in the contract and specifications, which in turn correspond to the Syrian and international standards. We try to work so that at least 80% of our customers were satisfied with our products and make every effort to correct the mistakes and minimize them in the future.

2) to increase sales by 25% in foreign markets and focus on sales in the domestic market to boost sales by 50% comparing with 2008 and provide necessary support for penetration of new markets.

3) to complete projects in time and to minimize number of delays in work less than 10% of the total number of completed projects per year.

4) to reduce waste production process and do not exceed the share of non-conforming products at the rate of more than 2% of the monthly production of all company departments.

5) to increase productivity by 50% in the first half of 2012 comparing with the equivalent in 2011.