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Community Service

We support projects that grow out of our direct activity and show our commitment to the city and country.

Our activities in the field of education and training:

1) we have signed an agreement on dual training with students of technical schools and specialized institutions through the educational program of the Ministry of Education. After graduation, the leaver becomes a highly qualified specialist, as in addition to theoretical knowledge which he had received in a college or university, he did practical and industrial training in our company.

2) we have created a Сenter for Training and Development of government employees, in which they can acquire the necessary knowledge to succeed in future.

3) we allow talented students to participate in educational programs and support their education in graduate school.

4) we create a safe working place for students in our factory or in another enterprises.

5) we develop and implement intensive programs to improve the skills of our employees and government officials, as we are convinced that the expansion of knowledge and skills is beneficial for the growth of our business, which contributes to improving the conditions and standards of living in the country.

Our activities in the project:

1) we love our country and our city and we want to make them more cleaner and beautiful, so we made 1000 ash-bins and put them in all areas of our city.
2) we recycle all the digestible waste from our production, because we care about the environment and want to reduce pollution.

We are always ready to support all the social programs including education, sports, health and the environment, as well as to fund projects that benefit our society.