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Alshehabie company takes part in the 6th International Exhibition, hold in Turkey in the city of Gaziantep

27/02/2012 The exhibition was attended by hundreds of companies from the Arab countries and around the world, and it was visited by hundreds of businessmen and officials.                                                                             The exhibition is organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Gaziantep for the 6th year in a row to strengthen economic and trade relations between Turkey and its Arab neighbors.                                      According to the organizing committee, the exhibition under the motto "Window to the Middle East" was attended by 400 companies from Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and other countries.                                                 In an interview with local media the Minister of Foreign Trade Dzhaglayan Zafar said that the exhibition provided great opportunities for trade between the Turkish and Arab companies and allowed foreign companies to strengthen their presence in the Arab region and the Middle East.                                                                                                           At the opening of the exhibition in his speech, Mr. Dzhaglayan noted that in recent years there had been significant growth in trade relations between Turkey and neighboring countries.                                                  In recent years, fair trade with geographic neighbors has increased six times, and especially the high development is noted with the Arab countries.
The Minister explained that the strengthening of relations contributed to the openness of trade with neighboring countries, which is an achievement of policy under the government of Turkey's ruling party of fairness.
Turkish Prime Minister Redzheb Tayip Erdogan said that the initiative of his state had a significant impact on strengthening of bilateral trade with these countries.
The exhibition is divided into several sections, including the commercial sector, agriculture, communications, transportation, energy, water, construction and industry, which in turn is divided into many sections.     The exhibition was hold for four days and apart from the Turkish and Arab companies the companies from Brazil, India, China and other Asian countries took part in it.
A series of transactions took place at the exhibition. On the first day trades were over $ 5.2 billion instead of the expected $ 4 billion.

Alshehabie company took part in the exhibition on June 3, 2011.
Our stand was visited by a large number of businessmen and industrialists, and there were concluded several deals.
The exhibition was attended by representatives of Alshehabie company Ahmad Alshehabie and chief engineer Dr. Diaa Nasani.
The company Chairman Mohammad Alshehabie also attended the exhibition, who along with several prominent businessmen and industrialists was representing commercial and industrial chambers of the city of Aleppo. Syrian and Turkish parties discussed the need to strengthen mutual cooperation to jointly confront the economic problems and to take urgent measures to resist them.

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