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Message from the Chairman

In the Name of Allah!

It is my honor to see that the Metallurgical Building Company Alshehabie reached the level of international companies in the steel industry. For 30 years we have worked hard and took bold steps to achieve this level, and today, thank Allah, we are reaping the fruits of our efforts, and Alshehabie already become an example for its opposite members.

We successfully carry out our projects and prove our superiority every day, despite the difficult economic situation and local severities. We respect and support all our customers and employees and strictly adhere to the principles due to which we have earned their trust and respect.
Our vision and mission is to create opportunities for growth on an ongoing basis to achieve the best results and profitability by applying the best international standards in the industry and attract the best employees in order to achieve our goal which is to satisfy our customers.

Praise to Allah,,,