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Stages of production

 Stages of Production in Alshehabie Company:

1)  drawing and designing stage:

а qualified engineering team makes all necessary calculations by using most modern constructional designing  programs taking into consideration all loads.

2) automatic cutting stage:

we use modern cutting machines depending on the cutting type (plasma or oxygen) that achieve both quality and precision in cutting of  sheet metal.

3) assembly stage:

the metal plates are assembled automatically by the most modern equipment.

4) cleaning stage:

 it’s done by shot-blasting machines.

5) painting stage:

the elements of construction are coated with epoхy basic layer and then basic painting layer depending on the required colour of the construction and its special thickness depending on the use of construction.

6) shipping and fabrication stage:

all elements of construction are manufactured at the factory and then shipped to the assembly location where they’ll be assembled with screws and installed.